Cyber security

We assist our clients to protect their information through deep expertise, a commitment to innovation and game-changing security.

Cyber security threats pose one of the greatest risks to business today regardless of industry or geography.

It doesn’t matter who you are – it’s simply a matter of when you will have a security incident. What matters is how well you are prepared, how good your monitoring is, and how you will respond.

Understanding which assets you need to protect, identifying potential threats and maximising your risk reduction are all essential in protecting your organisation’s reputation and bottom line.

And that’s where Intalock can help.   As one of the leading cyber security providers in Australia, Intalock is at the forefront of the cyber war every day, assisting our clients to mitigate and respond to ever increasing security threats.

Prevention, monitoring & response – Getting the balance right

As new security risks emerge – particularly through the advent of cloud, mobility and IoT – it’s more important than ever to have a proactive and balanced approach to security.

While many organisations tend to focus exclusively on preventative technologies hoping they’ll effectively thwart attackers, there is often little to no visibility of what is occurring.  And if there is a compromise, they don’t know how they should respond. At Intalock, we strongly believe that the only path to effective cyber security is a balanced approach, encompassing prevention, monitoring and response capabilities.