Information management

Improving information management practices is fast becoming key priority for both public and private enterprise.  With every organisation’s data holdings growing exponentially, and pressure from business and regulators to store, manage and use this information more effectively, the expectations placed on IT departments have reached boiling point. The previous practice of having no idea of the information you hold or where it is located and keeping everything forever just doesn’t cut it any more.

Organisations need to start improving their information management practices and they need to start on the journey now. At Intalock we understand that there’s varying degrees of information management priorities, from multi-year business-wide projects costing millions of dollars to short-term tactical projects that can give immediate benefit directly to the IT team.

Through the experience gained through delivering hundreds of successful engagements with federal and state government agencies through to ASX 100 companies, Intalock has developed its own information management strategy. The Intalock Information Assurance Framework (IAAF) encompasses the five key fundamentals that need to be addressed to deliver the optimal operational information management outcome.  Our framework is based on our extensive experience in solving the key information management challenges faced by Australian government and private enterprises – and is designed to be flexible in addressing an organisation’s unique needs, based on their industry, economics, maturity, and regulatory compliance requirements.