The retail sector is a highly competitive marketplace, where even seemingly loyal customers will move on very quickly for a lower price or a better experience. Customers demand high standards from the companies they buy from, and expect nothing less than for their personal and financial information kept safe and secure at all times.

For retailers, delivering a great experience at a rapid pace is laden with a number of challenges.  Due to cost and competition pressures, IT teams are being squeezed of resources and funds, all the while trying to deal with ever-increasing cyber security threats.  Added to this, the team typically needs to support a complex IT environment that is distributed across many and sometimes remote locations.

Intalock can help meet these unique challenges.  With extensive experience working with some of the country’s largest retailers, hotel chains and large scale entertainment providers, Intalock has the proven solutions to help consumer-based businesses to:

  • Minimise risks associated with cyber threats and attacks
  • Advise and implement sound governance and risk mitigation strategies associated with storing and managing customer and credit card data
  • Significantly lower costs associated with storing and protecting data across a dispersed network and multiple sites