Mining & resources – Information management

The growth of unstructured data in the resources sector is growing at an average of 40% year on year, with an estimated 70% of this unstructured data not being accessed within the last 12 months.  With this unstructured data continuing to grow unchecked, there are knock-on effects to the efficiency of every process the business operates, from backup and disaster recovery to eDiscovery and compliance.

In a time when commodity prices are waning and the competitive pressures from off-shore producers is increasing, mining and resources companies need to cut costs, increase efficiency and innovate for competitive advantage.

Intalock can assist by implementing an information governance platform.  This will enable mining and resources companies to:

  • Identify the data
    • Who it belongs to
    • Ascertain the inherent value of the underlying information
  • Take action on the data
    • Confident deletion of data of no or low business value
    • Archive information inline with data retention policies
    • Index information of value to increase efficiency
  • Control the information asset’s lifecycle
    • Classify and applying relevant policies e.g. retention, ownership, location and access
  • Lower risk
    • Keep the information you need and delete information you don’t
    • Discover high value information faster
    • Decrease information recovery time
  • Lower costs
    • Reduce the consumption of storage and backup platforms
    • Reduce administration costs