Healthcare – Cyber security

The healthcare sector in Australia is increasingly facing sophisticated and targeted attacks by cyber criminals, with cyber attacks and physical criminal activity now officially surpassing insider negligence as the main cause of a data breach in healthcare organisations.

According to the Ponemon Institute1, close to 45% of all data breaches in healthcare are due to criminal activity such as cybercriminal and nation-state hacks, malicious insiders, and physical theft – an increase of 125% increase over the past five years.

This increase is in no doubt linked to the increased value of healthcare data to cybercriminals, with stolen patient records being sold for approximately $355 each.  The value in the patient record lies in the unique identifiers such as names, birth dates, private health and medicare numbers and billing information.  With medical records intrinsically linked to a person’s identity, this data can provide a rich source of data mining for a considerable amount of time.

To add to this, medical device manufacturers are not mandated to incorporate cyber security features in their design and development.  Security is typically an afterthought, if a consideration at all.  And compounding this situation, medical devices are now being connected to public and private networks, and computing models mean that an already weak cyber security environment becomes even more vulnerable and easier to breach.

At Intalock, we can help you get on the front foot by identifying cyber threats and attacks early, and being prepared with a coordinated response if an attack occurs.  We can help you implement better preventive measures, in combination with monitoring and response actions to dramatically improve operational security, and help provide actionable intelligence for better strategic planning.

Our healthcare-specific solutions include:

  • Governance, risk and compliance assessments
  • Vulnerability assessments and remediation
  • Penetrating testing
  • Data loss prevention
  • Incident response
  • Cloud security
  • Managed security operations centre (SOC)


1Fifth Annual Benchmark Study on Privacy and Security of Healthcare Data