Government – Information management

Government organisations collect vast amounts of information every year.  And with the amount of data growing exponentially year on year, being able to effectively store information, make it easily accessible, and ensure its integrity, confidentiality and security is becoming increasingly challenging.

But it’s not just the amount of information that’s making things difficult for government CIOs.    New types of data being fed from new sources are raising new questions and issues around storage, analysis and usage.  And the move towards making data more accessible through initiatives such as Open Data for the public is creating new challenges around data classification and security.

Intalock’s information specialists can help to solve your key data management challenges, from helping to implement an overarching information management framework to formulating specific strategies to address key information storage, usage and analysis challenges.

  • Information governance assessments and strategies
  • Data discovery and analysis (structured / unstructured)
  • Data classification
  • Cloud assessments and migrations
  • Backup and recovery (on-premise and cloud)
  • Archiving and eDiscovery (on-premise and cloud)
  • Big data analytics