With the way the public consumes and interacts with information changing, government organisations are increasingly utilising digital services to streamline service delivery and deliver a better customer experience.

However, along with delivering key efficiency and productivity benefits, this move towards the digital transformation of service delivery raises a number of unique challenges for government CIOs including:

  • The appropriate classification of data – who can access what data, and how can it be shared
  • The costs of storing data – often for many years to comply with regulatory requirements
  • The risks associated with protecting confidential information from hackers

With Intalock’s long history of working with a wide range of government organsiations, you can be assured that we have the solutions to your information-related problems.  We’ll help you to apply best-practice information management and cyber security frameworks, ensuring your information assets are in order and well protected – allowing you to deliver innovative services to the public, without the security worries.