Financial services – Cyber security

As financial institutions increase and expand the digital services they provide to their customers, a shift in the industry’s approach to cyber security is required.  Purely focusing on prevention is no longer an effective security strategy.  A balanced approach – with effort and resources allocated evenly across prevention, monitoring and response – is essential in developing a strong cyber security posture.

Customers expect their financial institution to have failsafe security measures, with regulatory bodies – including APRA and the PCI Council – demanding even higher security standards.  Adherence to these standards can be a costly upfront and ongoing exercise and doesn’t prevent you from bring breached.   Intalock understand the compliance standards and use our prevention, monitoring and response methodology to exceed these industry-standard requirements but not overrun the budget.

With extensive experience in working with a wide range of organisations within the financial services industry – from banks to superannuation companies – Intalock can help to implement comprehensive cyber security capabilities to measure, manage and reduce security risks within your business.

Having completed hundreds of successful engagements within the Financial Services Industry across banking, superannuation and insurance Intalock has developed extensive experience and solutions across:

  • PCI DSS readiness assessment and compliance
  • Endpoint, email and web security (on and/or off-premise services)
  • Network security
  • Data loss prevention services for customer cardholder data
  • Application whitelisting
  • Data classification
  • Managed security services
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) readiness assessments