Education – Information management

When it comes to managing information, education departments and institutions have two key challenges to overcome: ensuring appropriate information retention and controls, and the ability to easily search and retrieve required information.

Added to these challenges is the requirement for most data collected to be aligned to learning programs, and retained throughout the student’s educational journey. This is significant impact on information management practices, as records need to be retained for well over a decade.

Intalock has extensive experience in helping educational organisations to classify, analyse, control, use and protect their extension information holdings.  From implementing specific data policies focusing on storage and archiving, to setting controls around access and data retrieval, we can help you to achieve the optimal operational information management outcome, without an compromises on data integrity or availability.

Intalock is one of Australia’s largest managed service providers in the Educational arena. We Store, Backup, Archive and Discover Petabytes of educational data each week both on-premise and into public clouds. Some of the services we provide State Education Departments, Schools and Universities are:

  • Information management managed services
    • Backup and recovery (on-premise and cloud)
    • Archiving and eDiscovery (on-premise and cloud)
    • Data discovery and analysis (structured / unstructured)
    • Cloud integration and migration
  • Data Classification
  • Cost effective tiered storage
  • Information governance services