Education – Cyber security

Delivering ICT environments that support a personalised and collaborative digital experience – for both students and teachers – that are safe and secure from security breaches is becoming an increasingly complex task for the education sector.

Core systems and applications – such as email, learning platforms and teacher portals – require secure access and identity management controls.  Confidential student information must be safeguarded, with access to this data strictly controlled.

But with education departments and institutions often juggling competing priorities, such as delivering e-learning capabilities, providing support for BYO devices, and enhancing access to student performance data, cyber security rarely is given the time or resources required to ensure a secure environment.

Intalock is a trusted partner of many in the education sector, and has industry-specific expertise in helping to prevent, monitor and respond to cyber security threats and breaches.  Our team of highly experienced cyber security experts can help to advise, implement and review security measures to ensure that your ICT environment is safe and secure.

As one of Australia’s largest managed service providers in the Education sector we not only are experts in Cyber Security but even more importantly have an unmatched  understanding of the Education landscape and the unique challenges it face daily.

Our expertise spans a range of services, all designed to ensure that Educational organisations, their students and workforce remain protected:

  • Endpoint, email and web security (on and/or off-premise services)
  • Network security
  • Data loss prevention services for Student and Financial Records
  • Security incident and event management (SIEM)
  • Managed security services
  • Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) readiness assessments